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Dead Kids (Bluray)


To the quiet, respectable inhabitants of the mid-western college town of Galesburg, Illinois, murder is a virtually unknown social phenomenon. But when Lucy Brown is attacked by a masked, knife-wielding maniac, and her date, high-school student Waldo Davis, is slain before her eyes, the town is shaken to its very roots.

For John Brady of the Galesburg Police Department, the shock does not end there. As more bodies turn up, his investigations lead him to the strange experiments conducted on campus at The Galesburg college psychology department.

Audio Commentary with Co-Writer Bill Condon and Actors Dan Shor and Dey Young.
Audio Commentary with Director Michael Laughlin.
The Effects of Strange Behavior (1080p; 20:32)
A Delicious Conversation with Dan Shor (1080p; 45:00)
U.S. Trailer (480p; 1:45)
International Trailer (480p; 3:18)